Kerala getting back to its glory

Flood was an unexpected thing happened to Kerala” the god’s own country” A state in India. But the way we are getting back to its glory was something every keralite feel proud, the same time gratitude to those who stand up for us.

Now Kerala is getting back to its form. Tourism is strength of our economy. Two important concern for the visitors is one is epidemic, we proudly announcing to the world we have a safe atmosphere here. Two is the transportation, it’s also back in track

There was lot of challenges to #rebuildkerala. When a visitor came to our state they are going back home with happiness and memories with the satisfaction of being part of rebuilding the Kerala

The “Neelakurunji ” it’s flower once in 12 years. And it’s all waiting for another season with the hope to back with glory

(pic credit goes to sanchari)

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